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How to Barrel-Age Your Manhattan at Home

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

So you're like me and love Manhattans? Take it up a notch and barrel-age your Manhattan!

Small Oak barrels are so fun. You can age essentially anything in them… from rum, to tequila, to my favorite thing to age… whiskey. You can take an inexpensive spirit and amp it up to make an unforgettable cocktail!

Did I mention how cute this barrel looks sitting on my home bar? It is also a pretty impressive drink I pour for guest at a dinner party. “You actually aged this?” Yessir! Check out the video above as a make an aged Manhattan. Recipe: 1 bottle of @drinkhighwest 1/2 bottle of @vermouthdolin 2 tsp of orange bitter from @angosturahouse @Luxardousa cherries Combine ingredient. Set on counter for 45 days. Taste test. Add more time if need. Serve on ice with Luxardo Cherry.

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