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Junk Food & Wine Pairing Guide

Wine is not just for a fancy dinner. Wine is for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all those junk food cravings in between. We have developed a fun guide to help your pair your junk food with the right wine. Your life will never be the same after trying these pairings!

French Fries & Champagne No, its not because you have had one too many glasses. A crisp champagne cuts through grease and balances out the saltiness of the fries.

Chinese Food & Riesling Riesling should be your go to for Chinesse food. Generally, asian cuisine has both spicy and sweet flavors. Riesling compliments both.

Mac N' Cheese & Charonnay

We are kids at heart and still love our Mac N' Cheese. This dish can be heavy but when paired with a slightly oaked and acidic chardonnay you'll make your taste buds dance.

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Port

It is like peanut butter and jelly, these two were made for each other... a match made in heaven!

Pizza (Pepperoni) & Chianti

Don't overthink this one! Go Italian. Chianti are a great dry medium-bodied red wine and the acidity holds up nicely with a meaty pizza.

Ice Cream & Pinot Grigio

A crisp Pinot Grigio helps cut through the buttery and richness of the vanilla ice cream! Two glasses and two scoops too!

WANT MORE? ME TOO! Here us a fun little quick referen

e guide of our favorite wines to pair with junk food!

Chips & Wine Pairings Nacho Cheese Chips - Pinot Noir Salt & Vinegar Chips - Sauvignon Blac Potato Chips - Champagne BBQ Chips - Zinfandel Corn Chips with Salsa - Dry Riesling Pizza & Wine Pairings Cheese - Zinfandel Pepperoni- Chianti Meat lovers - Cabernet Sauvignon Veggie - Sancerre Hawaiian - Reisling Ice Cream & Wine Pairings Vanilla - Pinot Grigio Chocolate - Pinot Noir Butter Pecan - Chardonnay Strawberry - Zinfandel Sherbert- Rose Fast Food & Wine Pairing Cheeseburger - Zinfandel Tacos - Pinot Noir Chinese - Reisling BBQ - Cabernet Sauvigion Fried Chicken - Champagne

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