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Simple Fall Wine Bottle Candlesticks

Everyone has leftover wine bottles, so we might as well get some additional use out of them. Spray painting wine bottles matte black and adding bright orange candles is a simple way to elevate your seasonal decor. Not only does it go with a cute and classy fall theme, they also are the perfect way to spruce up any Spooky Halloween tablescape, as well.

What you need:

  • Wine Bottles

  • Black Matte Spray Paint

  • Orange Candle Sticks

Run the empty wine bottle under hot water before pulling off the table (this helps get the

glue warm and makes it easier to remove.) Pat dry and spray the bottle with matte black spray paint. Let dry. If your candles are to thick for the bottle, simply take a knife and scrape off a little bit of the wax at the bottom of the candle until you can slid the candle stick in there.

Watch here to see how I made these festive candles:

The candles look great against all types of fall decor!

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