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Spooky Witches Brew Sangria

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

To all my Basic Witches out there you're going to love this Spooky Sangria. Deep, dark and just downright creepy, this Sangria not only looks like Witches Brew it may actually have the power to turn your guest in to Werewolves or Vampires, if you’re into that kind of thing.

The Creepiest Witches Brew Sangria for Halloween Party
Witches Brew Sangria

Let’s talk a little bit about adding dry ice to spooky cocktails this Halloween Season. Is it dangerous? Yes and no. If It is done right there is no problem, if done wrong you can end up with a pretty significant freezer burn. What to know:

  • You can buy dry ice at most grocery stores. If you see a big freezer of it make sure you ask an employee to help you retrieve it safely.

  • Normally, dry ice is sold in 1 lb blocks. You will need an ice pick to beak it up.

  • When handling dry ice wear protective gloves and try to do touch for more than 10 seconds at a time.

  • If possible, try to purchase dry ice right before you are going to need it. It will slowly sublimate over time when stored in a home freezer or cooler. It takes roughly 24 hours for 5 pounds of dry ice to evaporate when store in the cooler.

  • You can drop 1 inch cubes directly in to drinks before serving, the effects will last about 5 minutes. Larger chunks will last a bit longer if you add them to a bowl or pitcher. 1 pound last about 30 minutes to an hour.

  • The smoke effect it creates is actually not Carbon Dioxide, It is water vapor from the air that is condensed because of it getting so cold.

How to pick the right fruit for your Sangria? It does not have to be tricky. Choose fruit that is similar in color. For instance, I am using Apothic Dark Red Wine. Thus, I went with dark fruit: plums, blackberries, black cherries and black grapes! If I were to be doing a rosé sangria I would choose lighter fruit like peaches, apples, oranges, lemon, and watermelon.

Spooky Witches Brew Sangria:

Creepy Halloween Drink Idea
Halloween Sangria

  • 2 Bottles of Apothic Dark Red Wine

  • 1 Cup of Brandy

  • 16 oz of Pomegranate Juice

  • 2 Bundles of Grapes (I keep them on the vine - it looks creepier!)

  • 3 Black Plums Sliced

  • 2 c. Black Berries

  • 1 c. Black Cherries (I bought frozen and pitted)

  • Dry ice

Mix together the liquids. Add the fruit. Let sit for 2 hours before serving. Add dry ice (safely) and enjoy!

Watch how to create this Spooktacular Witches Brew Here:

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